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Much Confusion regarding the "Express Gig" tag


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So I’ve done some searching ang Googling but I get different information from a hundreds of different sources. HOW does a gig become labeled as an “Express Gig” - really, once and for all, let’s clarify 🙂

I’ve also come across posts that claim that if the gig was EVER changed to longer than 24hrs and then changed BACK to 24hrs it can NEVER be labeled as express again. But also, this was posted last YEAR, and we all know a lot can change in that amount of time with a relatively new site as Fiverr.

So the information we have is, if I’ve understood it right,

  • seller must have at least overall rating of 96%
  • the gig has to have had five orders completed within 24 hours (continuity)
  • Gig must be rated 97 or more
  • the gig must not loose it’s express status or else it won’t be able to gain this status again
  • Less than X orders in queue

    … etc etc etc

    So many theories, myths … Let’s sort this out shall we?!
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Well I don’t really care about being payed a fiverr extra, as I’m new to the community I need my gig to be seen and chosen in first place (then I can worry about the prices of my services). I saw that the Express Gigs have their own “listing” - so I thought it’s a greater chance for exposure.

I got ten or twenty orders each day when my logo gig was listed as express. Now I’m lucky if I even get ONE! 😮

And yes, I always deliver within 24 hours. Often within 10.

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