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New - can't see review until leaving one


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This is the most ridiculous thing Fiverr pulled so far (and I thought that generating score and demoting people for not replying to everything immediately was bad enough). Well, you all had whiney buyers with no idea what they want, who don’t read your requirements and want everything for nothing. Like most people, I too call them jerks. They read my gig description where I say “one revision included”, and they go back and forth 5 times asking for stuff. Then the next time I say “hey, it says one revision only, but I was cool enough to do it 4 more times, but no more”, then they get mad and leave a 1-star rating, disregarding all the hard work and overdelivered job (which instantly screws my perfect 5-star rate I worked so hard for). I would then write to a barely-existing fiverr “support” who would copy/paste some “we can’t remove the review, but you can use the review space to explain potential buyers what was wrong”; and I would do that, explaining that someone wanted so much for so little, that they received not one but three files, etc (all in a few short lines) - since Fiverr won’t protect you from buyers that are not respecting your gig requirements - at least they never protected me. Now I can’t even to that! Now I don’t see the review, until “I leave one”. So in case of someone being a jerk and leaving a bad review for no reason, I can’t even go there and explain to people what really happened!? Nice going Fiverr. I am a good seller, I work hard but I feel that I don’t have any support or protection from such buyers. Support team can go and read all the gigs and messages. It’s easy to see that someone was over delivered but just being jerks, still they won’t delete their bad reviews no matter what. Now we can’t even try to protect ourselves and to give any explanation at all.

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