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Please how can i improve my gig to get new buyers?


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Guest emrlanka


Do I use the links I got when I went to the ‘promote yourself’ icon?

In addition, promote it on other social media networks

Promote yourself several times a day

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I can also send email marketing right?

Good email marketing, but some time people doesn’t open link in email. you have to

For newbie follow the below example.

  1. Copy the link or direct share


  2. search freelancer group or fiverr As you wish and join all.

  1. you have wait until when the group’s admin not approve you So back to topic put some shah tags depend about your category which mentioned @ahmedul1183 I don’t want to repeat it and past your link which you have copied from #example 1. also you can use tag friend in fb.

hash Tag for google search.

  1. Copy example 3 full both link tag with hash and past in comment as possible.


Now Enjoy and Be Happy.

Cheer you!

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