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External website promoting my fiverr service


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Hey guys, I am thinking about setting up a website where I promote my fiverr service

to be honest the traffic I get from fiverr alone is more than great, but getting some more would not hurt :-))

I have seen a few fellows before having such sites, so I was wondering if you share yours ?

any ideas?suggestions? anything to be aware of so I play by the rules?

Love you guys



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Thanks for the comments!

I am not talking about linking fiverr to anything external, it is more like Promoting fiverr everywhere else and sending the traffic to fiverr, not from fiverr :-))

I love fiverr and all of you guys, I always play by the rules, fiverr has been so good to me and the system is quiet fair , so I don’t think anyone would want to break the ToS

Thanks for the great comments once again!

Have a good one!


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I will promote your FREE kindle book on 570,000 facebook kindle readers/book lovers.


i give tweet as big bonus.


deliver every order with a completed proof sheet.


Don’t be late… Order now…




If you have any questions feel free to contact me.



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Do You want to promote your link with 3 000 000 fb fans and 2000 twitter followersfor two days,two times. i am a professional person to do that job.(total 5 000 000 )

i can promote your,Your web site , blog, Facebook profile,fan page,twitter,fiverr, ebay or anything.

i will share your link trough active group,so you ca gain your traffics,likes,views.

just after done my job i will send you screenshots that i take with your link

most traffics and other likes from USA

I hope this service is a great chance to BOOST SEO and Increase Traffic. we guaranteed traffics and other activity


FIVERR is the best marketing place , I serve only for fiverr,

(No adult contents please)

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Guest celticmoon

Reply to @ronaldoc: It is extremely rude of you to hijack a forum post with your self-promotion. You are not moving the discussion along with this post, you are merely SPAMMING the forum.

Your posts belong on My Fiverr Gigs. Posting elsewhere is not appreciated.


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@kjblynx how has that worked out for you? do you see an increase orders through those channels? i actually wish fiverr would allow us to have some type of analytics for our pages to help track some of our marketing efforts and see what is working and what is not.

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Guest laughingcrow

Reply to @ronaldoc: Dear Ronaldoc,

Check the forum Do’s & Dont’s, because you are not allowed to spam promotion for your Gig outside of “My Fiverr Gigs”. It’s also rude to interrupt other’s threads with offtopic promotions, as Celticmoon said before.

Please be civil, and keep your promotions in the correct category.

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