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The app is SO bad


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The app is SO bad that lately you can’t even send messages, it gives an error (which if you don’t respond to messages right away, it will reflect poorly on your account—the only thing the app is good for is receiving notifications, sometimes hour-late notifications), AND you can’t send feedback because it doesn’t let you log in (even though you’re already logged in) AND it continually messes up about 1/5 of the time and says “no internet connection” (even though the connection is fine) which requires that you either force stop the app or restart the phone entirely in order to use the app at all.

By far the worst app I’ve ever used on any mobile platform as far as usability and reliability. I literally just had to get up out of bed after receiving a message that I couldn’t reply to on the app and had to go to my desktop so I could… you know… actually REPLY to someone’s messages… it’s hard to respond when it doesn’t let you.

I shouldn’t have to go to my desktop computer to respond to a message. I hope this gets fixed soon

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I am using the app all the time, and besides those rare cases where a message don’t get trough and I have to rewrite it, it works perfectly for me on android.

I get notifications, send buyers requests and respond to messages without a problem. I even used it to put myself in OOO mode last night.

Are you sure isn’t something interfering with your app? I suggest you reinstall the app and disable any feature that disables background work of apps. It sounds like your phone is stopping the app from working while you close it. To get proper notifications, the Fiverr app needs to run all the time in the background.

Do you have the same problems with other apps? What phone os you have?
I am sure we can get to the bottom of this. 🙂

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