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Let us pre-approve buyer orders before they begin

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Within the last 60 days I have had to cancel 2 orders, which negatively affects my order completion rate (FOR REASONS UNKNOWN).

Both times I was not able to complete the orders because I was either asked to offer a service which I do not offer, or because I was unable to properly communicate with the buyer.

These reasons are not my fault, so why are they affecting my standing on Fiverr???

It would be nice to be able to confirm or deny incoming orders because people recently have been placing orders which I can not complete, without contacting me first and this is hurting my standing.

Help or advice would be appreciated because this is just stressing me out.

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Guest videoarticle

Hello friend.

I'll suggest that your description is not clear enough. Add some words to your description that explains this point indirectly. Perhaps, tell buyers to message you before ordering some particular services.


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