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I'm Shopping for xmas... Post your gig!


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Hey folks

I’m feeling a bit lazy… but I’m also feeling generous that you guys on fiverr should get my hard earned cash rather than amazon.

So! I have a sizeable budget that I want to buy some xmas gifts with.

Im looking for along the lines of cool, modern, interesting (maybe a couple minions here and there from dispicable me)

So if your up for the challenge and want some Dollars. Post your gig below or message me, and i’ll investigate!

Happy sales!

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Would you like a customized Christmas ecard or file (you can print from) you can send to friends & family? I know you do 😉



bbetrio3 : I will create personalized christmas holiday photo card for $5 on...

For only $5, bbetrio3 will create personalized christmas holiday photo card. | NEW OFFERING because the holiday is just around the corner!!!Wow your family & friends and send out the perfect customized Christmas holiday photo cards. Four | On...

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It’s a Holiday Two-Fer. The absolutely best Top Rated Cartoon Voices and the best Original Cartoon Animations, together NOW … all for just a Fiverr. It’s a Christmas Miracle!!!

For a measely five simeoleons you can have Homer Simpson, the Family Guy or Stewie Griffin send an animated Christmas Song to your friends, family or even as a Thank You to your past Fiverr Buyers!!! Songs include “I Wish You a Merry Christmas” or “Merry Christmas To You” (Happy Birthday Melody) both sung by the amazing Fiverr Super Seller CHRISHARDY and animated by ANIGRAMS. Custom Graphic Greeting included. Custom Audio Greetings and Animation are always available for a bit extra.



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Guest adultstories

Maybe some Erotic Audio Stories could spice up someones Christmas ? 🙂

Best wishes for your Christmas shopping, a great festive season and a successful 2014!

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Well, I have these lists of dropshippers and wholesellers. You’ll probably find something among these companies you can give away as a christmas present for an idividual or a larger group at a good price.



Or can I perhaps interest you in some German or Dutch language christmas stories and songs? Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht is a classic. I do have some German christmas short stories that are not widely known I could translate. My mom collected them from magazines when I was a kid.



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This might not be exactly what you’re looking for as far as modern and interesting gift ideas, but I’ll take the opportunity to add my Christmas-related gig to the collection. 🙂

I’ll digitally put your message or logo in a festive snow globe that you can send as a holiday greeting or use to decorate your website/blog/etc for the season. Happy holidays, everyone!


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You can have a look at my gigs and might find some interesting ways to create some messages for your loved ones.

One of my specialty is to make customized videos for various occasions like Happy Birthday, Halloween, Thank You Videos, Christmas, etc. I shall soon be posting a separate gig for Christmas Video, however you can have a feel of the quality at this gig here:


I have already got amazing response for this gig and am getting repeat customers too.



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