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Happy 58th Independence Day Nigeria

Guest raff_el

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Guest raff_el

Hello Fiverrs,

I’m Raphael, Nigerian and a proud one at that. I’ve been on this platform for close to 11 months, and so far it’s been worthwhile.

Initially, it was quite challenging as I was getting zero orders, I can recall how happy I felt when a buyer eventually contacted me for the first time (even tho after replying to him he never responded and has been offline till this day).

I have completed a little less than 100 orders and by the next promotion date, I should earn my Level 2 badge.

I know that there are other very wonderful Nigerian buyers and sellers on this platform, and here’s a big CHEERS from me to y’all on this special day.

As for Non-Nigerians, I’d love to know what comes to your mind each time you hear the name Nigeria. What has been your experience with Nigerian sellers/buyers?

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