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Dang, some people are just so darn desperate I guess!


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So orders comes in waves, and in my case when I get busy I have an order or two every day, in other cases I get one order in a week, and right now I haven’t gotten a order in about a week or so which is a quite unusual for me, but it’s not the first time this has happened, and since I am busy right now working on other stuff, this little break from Fiverr is not bad. 🙂

Then this morning I got a message from someone, and I thought OK, it’s nice to have an order from someone after a week long break, so I logged into Fiverr and went to the inbox. I thought it was some potential buyer wanting to ask some questions before placing an order.

The message was someone begging me to “help” them. It started with “help me please”, it had a few “help me please” in the middle, and the last sentence was "help me please."

I could kind of guess that this guy is having problems getting orders and wanted some “help” but since his English was pretty bad ( with all due respect) I couldn’t really tell how he wanted me to help. I don’t think he directly mentioned that he wanted me to buy his gig, but again I couldn’t really tell.

He also added that his family is poor and needed support.

I was like OK dude, did you really have to add that part?

It’s not that it made me feel sorry for guy ( heck, I don’t even know if it’s true or not!), but I think it

annoyed me. Sorry if I’m sounding mean here. 😛

Funny thing is though, when I did check his gig, it said that he has one million followers on FB.

Well, I’m sure he won’t be needing my help then…

I hope my next message is not something spammy like this one! 😃

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