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Buyer's RATING


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When on fiverr you can always check and define if seller is trustworthy or not. You see rating, feedback on his page so it’s good. But what about sellers to check on buyer’s reliability? On buyer’s page commonly you see only nickname and country he’s from. And I don’t see how long he is on fiverr. But I want to be sure that he is reliable, that he won’t cheat with paypal disputes later, that he’s good to deal with. Why we leave all those feedback about buyer? I hope soon there will be some data on every user’s page, whether he’s seller or buyer, which shows his rating. For me I found this way on monitoring on buyer and it can give me at least something to be sure. Use google and type “username” site:fiverr.com .For example: kireno site:fiverr.com It will show any page on fiverr where buyer left feedback. You can then check on its date and see if he’s here on fiverr for long time or not.

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