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Wow that was F***ed Up


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I am somewhat new to Fiverr and definitely see it as a good resource and a way to help the online community of people who are willing to go out there and provide services for people on their own time so that they can make a living off of what they feel passionate about.

So we have been in the process of launching our website. We asked a seller to do some graphic design art for us which was clearly explained. We even offered her extra money to ensure speedy delivery or even if it wasn’t speedy, just a tip to show appreciation. 11 Days later, we are about to launch the next day. Graphic artist nowhere to be found. No communication. No uploaded work. Now we are in a really tough situation. Time equals money so now we are losing money on Fiverr. And I don’t even have the option to put a review on the sellers account to warn other buyers.

I decided to stay up late at night and just do the design work myself. I truly think that this is pathetic. Maybe this community thinks otherwise. But for Fiverr to not even allow one to make a note when people act with poor character, I believe that Fiverr is creating a community that encourages dishonesty and manipulation.

I am curious to whether the community supports this kind of behavior or if there are people who do their work with integrity on here. I seriously do not know the answer.

Anyway, sorry for the not happy story with no happy ending. But I thought at least it would be relevant for buyers to hear and the other sellers in the community to express their values on integrity.


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So sorry you went though this, William. I agree with Madmoo. Please don’t let your one experience with this designer taint your view of Fiverr. There are a lot of designers on here who are professionals and truly deliver their work/promise. I wish I could have helped you. I don’t know your designer and the situation but sometimes things may come up. When you sense a problem at the beginning, contact the seller asap. If the seller is unresponsive, contact customer service. They are very good in getting back to you and helping you resolve problems.

I understand about deadlines and apologize for the loss of time and money, and stress you went through.

Best to you,


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Sorry to hear about your experience with one seller on Fiverr.

Without revealing who the seller is, how did you vet the seller?

Did they have a good rating and lots of reviews?

Did you contact the seller before ordering to be sure they could do the work?

What was the sellers posted delivery time?

Does the seller still have an active gig(s)?

As @madmoo said, best to contact Fiverr Customer Support, http://fiverr.com/support to see what if anything can be done.

Certainly the “community” at large doesn’t support this behavior, but also the “community” has little or no impact on individual sellers and their ethics.

I always recommend contacting more than one seller to ask if they are not only capable of doing what I need done, but can they deliver in the time frame I need it in.

How they communicate back to me and the language they use weighs heavily in my decision to use them.

Please give another seller a try, when you need something in the future. There are many good sellers in many categories that take pride in the work they do and the ratings they’ve worked hard to achieve and maintain.

Good luck with your new web site! 🙂

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Hey there @wdjamieson! This situation is certainly not a regular issue among the Fiverr community in general. Just like any marketplace, in person or online, “Caveat emptor” is the unfortunate law of the land.

While I do not know the specifics of your situation, I would certainly recommend contacting any seller directly before placing an order, especially if there are specific deadlines or details that need to be accommodated. This may help to prevent placing orders with a seller that may not be immediately available to complete your project within the timeframe needed.

For instance, I provide voiceover work and have a reasonable response time, typically within a couple hours of messaging, however Fiverr is not my full time job, so there are situations where I may not be able to respond in a timely manner. Some times even for a few days. This will create an issue for any prospective buyer that needs a job today or within 24 hours. While this doesn’t happen very often, it always seems that when I am out of town or unavailable, someone needs something immediately and I have to let them know I cannot meet their deadlines.

Keep in mind, there are also over 3 million gigs currently listed on Fiverr, which means there are A LOT of Fiverr sellers. It is certainly worth contacting a few sellers with gigs that offer your requested services to determine which one will be available and meet your needs.

Hopefully your launch went well and I’m sorry to hear about your experience, but please know that the Fiverr community is filled with more than the majority of great sellers and buyers that are all striving to keep this environment strong!

Best of luck!



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I would point out if there was not a time frame option as agreed (either with extra fast delivery or the standard delivery period) then they are technically not in the wrong. If you talked and agreed on a deadline they’re wrong, of course.

YOU will have a chance to leave a review when the order is “super late” essentially 48 hours past the due date.

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