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Buyer issues please help


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I recently had an enquiry from a buyer requesting some technical drawings based on a component that they were going to send to me in the post.
Unfortunately the component he told me he had sent never arrived and so he tells me another was also sent.
I have received no component and so I am unable to complete the order.
Stupidly I accepted the order before receiving the parts which is now late and gives me a bit of a poor rating.
What can I do? Can I cancel the order? Is this some sort of scam from the buyer? How do I stop this from counting against me?
It’s only my 2nd gig so I’m very new to fiverr.
Help resolve the confusion please 🤨

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Hm, the only way to have at least a chance of it not counting against you is to explain the situation to support and ask them to cancel for you, it might still affect your rating though.
If you try to cancel yourself, the buyer needs to accept the cancellation and it will definitely affect your order completion rate, which is bad of course if it’s only your second gig. If a buyer doesn’t respond within 2 days, the Gig will be automatically canceled.

If you want to still do the order, you could also request a time extension from the buyer instead of a cancellation: https://sellers.fiverr.com/en/article/using-the-resolution-center

But attention:
If your order is in late status already, you need to act fast as once it’s in “very late” status, the buyer will have the option of canceling, one-sided, and if he does, that will lead to an automated 1*-review from Fiverr with “Seller didn’t deliver on time.” or something like that as text and I think you don’t even get the option to respond to that kind of review so you can’t explain what happened.

See this and other articles about cancellation in the Seller Help Center (as you’re new, I’d recommend to spend some time reading lots of those articles, the info can help you avoid some pitfalls):

Good luck!

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