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Legal Issues Surrounding Celebrity Impersonations



Hi Fiverr community! First time posting, I would love a little help.

One of the gigs I offer is a celebrity impersonation of Arnold Schwarzenegger. I am curious, what is the potential legal issues surrounding offering these impersonations?

I understand that I can make my voice sound however I want without an issue, but if someone asks me to IDENTIFY myself on the recording as Arnold… like: “Hi, this is Arnold, and I personally recommend this product…” (etc) could I have a potential legal issue on my hands because now I am stating I am someone else?

Any help would be appreciated! I just need to know if I need to reject all the scripts I am asked to read where they have me say “this is Arnold…”

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The answer is not the same for everyone. I have created several 3d models of famous celebrities to advertise products. I got into some trouble for this but the court said as long as the character in the video does not in any way state they are a specific person then they can’t charge me… So is it wrong to say you are the terminator then short answer is Yes. Sound like him but don’t say you are him…

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