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Very low rate of orders

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naini_designer said: Please any one help.i have 20 gigs on my acount but incoming order rate is very very low


Hi and welcome,


You may have just answered your own question. Too many gigs at start up can be a problem. And in your case it's 20 gigs offering the same service. It's confusing to buyers. Even many of TRS and Level 2's don't have anywhere near that many gigs.


If logos are what your do, you don't need 20 gigs for it (no matter what you've read or heard elsewhere). All it takes is one good gig to get started. Tweak it, test it and improve it. Then as you rise levels you add extras and do even more for buyers.


Good luck! :)


P.S. This "SUGGESTION BOX" category of the Forum is for Suggestions needed or wanted to the Fiverr platform.


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