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Cancellation Rule Should be revised


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Hi, I have seen some cancellations in last month.
Some of them was like, buyer placed order and immediately said i placed by mistake, and some were like, I have hired someone else please cancel.
I am not agree with the current completion system. There are always some leg pullers around everyone.
They can use this system to ruin any fiverr sellers account.

Like if someone places 10 orders and then says that they were placed by mistake, We can lose our level because of his mistake or intentions. If 10 orders get cancelled we have to complete 100 to get 90% score and it is too much for avg seller.
Fiverr should take some steps to improve it…

Currently anybody can ruin any sellers profile.

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Guest shahinsalehiin

sometime it happens by mistake from client. you can cancel mutually. dont accept clients cancel request. you should send him dispute.

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Guest best696164

totally agree with you.

totally agree with you.

What you say is right

There are very good buyers

Some buyers are very hard-core

They do not listen to the seller

They are in their opinion

Anyone has spent less money. A very high level account can be destroyed

If the Fiverr staff is concerned about it,

Sellers will be relieved

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