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Honesty Is Always the Best Policy --- If an Order will Be Late Communicate

Guest deastman

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Guest deastman

Recently in my endeavors on Fiverr I’ve had a number of orders come in, and I was in one instance traveling for business for a few days, and in another had some unexpected medical emergencies with my children. While I realize that some people may make a full-time career out of work on here, the majority, probably not.

But nonetheless, if you want to be successful on Fiverr its about your customer service, and about setting clear expectations. Of course if you miss your deadline that is not ideal, but here are a few things I have done to help with this, and I thought it would be a good opportunity to share the wisdom.

  1. Set realistic deadlines on your gig ;😉

    This means if this isn’t your everyday thing, or your primary source of income putting a 24 hour turn around on everything probably doesn’t make the most sense. Take stock of what your gig is, and your own personal life/obligations. Set your base turn around accordingly.

    For Example: My primary gig is for resumes, and I set a 5 day turn around. Given my active lifestyle and children this affords me the opportunity to let an order sit if I must in order to fulfill other obligations. But conversely if I have time I always try to turn gigs around as quickly as possible. This does 2 things, it gives breathing room if you get busy, and it also helps make you look good at the same time, because if you say 5 days as an expectation, and you deliver in 2, well you must be stellar, Right?

  2. Communicate, Communicate, oh, and did I Say COMMUNICATE?! :)]

    If you are going to miss a deadline for some reason, don’t just let it pass by with no acknowledgement. Instead, be proactive. Contact your customer, as I’ve had to do, and let them know you will miss the deadline, but that you did not forget about their order.

  3. Be Honest =;

    Because these are your customers be honest with them, don’t tell them your brother’s cousin’s sister’s dog is having a tooth pulled when really you are taking a vacation to the bahamas… because guess what your buyers are people to them will get it.

  4. Don’t be afraid of a Cancellation :-SS

    If you are going to miss a deadline, that’s fine, as long as you followed steps 2-3 above, but if you think you will miss it and just don’t know when you will get it done contact the buyer, and suggest a mutual cancellation so that they can have their money back, and let them know what is going on.

    You will be surprised many will say they don’t mind how long it takes just get to it when you can and don’t bother cancelling, they just wait.

  5. Don’t be afraid of Offering something for Free 😃

    Going in concert with #4, I’ve on occassion offered to cancel an order due to missing a deadline, and then in the same message told the user since I already had their information, I was going to complete the order anyway, but at no charge to them. And you know what, they were happy with that, and in fact referred me a few more customers. Now I don’t know if it’s because they told their friends they might get something for free, but I would rather think its because I handled the situation in a very friendly and customer-oriented manner.

    Again, these tips may not be for everyone, and perhaps maybe not all Sellers/Buyers may agree. But in my experience following these steps has proven to make me rather successful in this little corner of the web. (*)
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Guest deastman

Reply to @madmoo: Thank you for the compliment. I do agree if you know you have extenuating circumstances coming up do indeed plan ahead. As I said, I’ve even offered to cancel an order because I knew of something coming up. And been surprised when they told me just get to it when I could.

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