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Good Way to Reply to Buyer Requests


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Hi All,
Just thought I would share my experience as a Buyer making a Buyer’s Request and a Seller, responding to Buyer’s Requests. I thought I would delegate some of my workload and I put in a Buyer’s Request to have someone do the work. I received a lot of requests with people simply saying “I can do the job,” or “I am able to meet your request.” The one’s that appealed to me had details and repeated back to me exactly what I wanted. My request was for a list of video production companies in Virginia and Washington, D.C. So one seller indicated that he would provide “A listing of all production companies in VA and D.C.” and then proceeded to tell me how he would present it (in an Excel spreadsheet) and then one sentence of his experience (Number of years experience and/or projects completed). All of the requests that didn’t have this information, I found myself deleting.

From that, I learned that as a seller…when replying to a Buyer’s Request, let them know how you will help them and how you fully understand their request by (1) Repeating what they want so they know you understand the request (2) Explaining how you will deliver the request and (3) Letting them know you are fully qualified to accomplish the request.

Hope this helps someone.

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