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Can food gigs succeed on fiverr?


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Hello everyone,

I have been thinking lately about starting a gig selling some desserts that I would handmake.

The concern would be shipping and perishing.

The desserts would be able to last up to 5 days or so before it would start to harden and not be as appealing.

Does anyone here have advice or information about food related gigs?

I live in Canada. I was thinking maybe that I would only ship to the United States and Canada so that they

would arrive fresh for every customer.

Also, one more question.

Since they would be handmade and made to order, and considering I would only get 4 dollars for each, do

you think it would be feasible to only sell one for the $5 ? I feel as though the customer might view it as expensive

but if I included two after my supply cost and time I would only net basically a dollar per gig.

I don’t see many food related gigs on fiverr, I’ve seen chocolate sell and it must be hard to ship that to warm climates so it must be able to be done.

Thanks in advance for your input !

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