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Buyers can't contact me for over a month now!


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A month ago one buyer said that he has issues with contacting me. I thought it’s some one-time thing, later two more buyers wrote the same. I contacted CS and they said that everything is okay. In a week same happened again. I created a new request(attached screenshots), but the guy recommended me to ‘try clearing your browser’s cache’. HOW THAT MIGHT AFFECT WHAT MY BUYERS SEE??? Of course, the problem was still here, but in few days CS said that they ‘can’t replicate’ an issue and marked a REQUEST as ‘solved’ (WHAT?). I reopened the REQUEST to get the solution, attached screenshots, asked how they were trying to replicate an issue( I didn’t receive a message from any test account). They said that Privacy Policy doesn’t allow to tell me how they were trying to replicate it (wait… privacy policy is something to protect me, not useless CS and Tech Team. BTW, they didn’t provide me a part of Privacy Policy that is about their ‘work’).
And again CS said that there is no problem with my account and I have to say my buyers to contact a support(WHAT? they do not need that. Thy just go to another seller!). After that I asked my boyfriend to check it from his account, and apparently, EVERYBODY who wrote me a message seen the notification right after that: ‘annadoit can no longer be contacted’. We should understand that after that message Nobody will have a deal with me, cause it looks like I’m blocked by a service. My friend submitted the request too and, of course, got a ‘try clearing your browser’s cache’ shit. After that, he found the part of the code, where the issue appears, send it to the Support, but they are saying that there is no issue!
It was a month ago when I submitted my first request to the CS and there is NO SOLUTION! A week ago they said that they managed to replicate it (Thank God!) and there is no solution! I have to write all my buyers that they have to reload the page EVERY time to write me a message. People just don’t have to do that!
I do not have to lose my money because of Fiverr who took 20% fee and DOES NOTHING with real issues!

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