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Why are My Stats Changing (for No Reason)?



Here is how you figure out the completion rate:

Number of completed orders in the last 60 days = X

Number of completed orders - number of cancellations, including chargebacks = Y

Y / X = Completion rate


to see all the cancelled orders and chargebacks.

Go here to see what date was 60 days ago. Use this to see how far back to go to get the last 60 days of cancellations:

Calculate number of days between two dates

65 orders in the last 60 days

7 cancellations including chargebacks in the last 60 days

65 - 7 = 58

58/65 = .89 or 89% (It’s actually .8923 but the number is rounded to the nearest two numbers)

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Another great post quoted from here - ALL credit goes @sjorscrusius:



OK for once and for all 🙂
look at my ahem beautifull ‘illustration’.
The blue ‘1’ on the right is today. We count back to the left to days which have passed.
For the example, we assume we delivered 1 order each green day. And on the 2 red days, we have the unfortunate event of a canceled order.
Today, there are 2 canceled orders and 15 completed orders. This gives a 15/17=88%
If today is 2 days ago (on the day ‘3’), the situation is different.
We have 17 completed orders and 2 canceled orders. 17/19=89%.
7 days in the past, we have 19 completed orders and 2 canceled orders: 19/21=90%

without any new completed orders, just by letting the time pass, the order completion rate changes.

-end quote-

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Many sellers have mentioned that their stats have or haven’t changed and they don’t understand why. This is especially true near each evaluation day when everyone is nervous.

You must remember that your stats are measured over a 60 day period, so stats CAN change every single day. This includes completion rate, on-time delivery, rating, response rate, etc.

If you have an order that was canceled or late 55 days ago, that order won’t “drop off” of your 60 day count until after the 60 days mark. If you have a new order that you deliver on-time (or late) that will also change your stats. Since time continues to pass even if you have no new orders or deliveries, your analytics might appear to stay steady or to change suddenly even though nothing else has changed for 5 days. With a 60 day rolling counter, this is to be expected.

There is math behind it and you can find ways to calculate it if you have some skill in this area. Some sellers have posted various formulas to help you do that, and I encourage any of them to post their formulas in this thread while it’s open.

If you feel strongly that your stats are changing and shouldn’t be or are not changing and should be, contact Customer Support. Chances are they are actually correct in most cases.

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