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Delivered orders not showing correctly


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Hi Logan,

I don’t have that experience as I’m new here but I’m guessing you should leave it be and it’ll reflect soon since it’s an automated system.


Hi @delaneydesigns and welcome to Fiverr. I really don’t have any issues with it as it is causing no harm. I chalked it up as another quirky Fiverr bug. More curious than anything.

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Thanks Logan! Much appreciated welcome.

Are there usually such bugs? And hope they don’t get in the way of anything important…?

Are there usually such bugs?

I have this bug since late 2015, I had been in touch with CS for months until I let it go because it was never being fixed, and the bug is still there in my case, no matter what browser, computer or internet provider I use. So I had to get used to it 😕

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