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Need help full content for buyer request


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Hi fiverr users, I’m here for last two years but I did not understand how to send effective buyers request.
I’m graphic designer have great vector tracing skills lot of post related my gig and I also send requests but no one response my request… Please help

I’m very thankful to everyone…
Best Regards,

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Hello rajamexi,

I think this post might help you out. It has grouped together several informative forum posts on this very topic of how to write effective buyer request offers. Have a look-

Hello Fiverr-ites, I see many sellers on the forum who are either: unsure about why they are not getting orders despite “regularly” sending buyer request offers, or unsure of how to write an excellent buyer request offer. Therefore, I thought I would compile a list of a few forum posts about this very topic so that this post could possibly serve as a repository of relevant information for sellers. Before I begin with the list though, I thought I’d point out a thing or two about the bu…
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