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1st sale = negative feedback! Do I cut my losses and bail?


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I’m an eBay professional… Negative feedback is death!

My first interaction and sale here on fiverr resulted in negative feedback.

The buyer said my info wasn’t any help.

I know for a fact it was worth $5 but people want you to solve their problems for free…sad

I’m thinking of closing the account here and chalking it up to a learning experience…

Should I bail?

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Hi and welcome, and possibly good bye.

I have no idea what “an eBay professional” is. However, as a “broadcast professional” and “business owner”, I would never let one negative feedback affect me to the extent that I would “bail”.

As a newbie, it’s unfortunate you have already had negative feedback. I see that you have no gigs listed, so there is no way to know what your gig consisted of, how you describe yourself and how you sell your services. An honest review and evaluation is not possible.

Bail if you want, but one negative feedback is not really a “learning experience”, it’s just the small beginning of a learning experience.

Best of luck to you.

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I would not let it get to me.

My first sale was a bit weird too.

The buyer actually asked me to do something that I was not offering per se in the gig, but since it came close enough to translating or copywriting I decided to do it because summarizing an article should be straightforward. That is what I thought. In the end I first got thumbs up and subsequently the buyer said he had not been looking for a summary but for a re-write in order to pass copyscape!?

CS sorted that out for me.

That was a month ago.

Since then I have completed more sales than I had hoped for and more thumbs up and recurring customers than I had hoped for too. However yesterday somebody ordered my extra fast gig and the way things proceeded I got a weird feeling. The order was the translation of a legal letter, which looked again straightforward. But, I got a weird feeling about it since it seemed to concern a non - existing building that was going to be bought by a person with a weird name indeed. It seemed like a fictional character! It felt as if somebody was checking me out instead of needing a legal letter asap. However I decided to deliver the best translation possible, regardless. That is what I did this morning.

The next thing I know is that the buyer decided he or she did not want my translation because he or she was able to do a better job her/ himself. (They actually used Google as a reference!) They asked their money back and I asked for mutual cancellation because after thoroughly going over my work again all I could find was an easy to fix typo and what could be some differences in style and interpretation. That is something else than a bad translation job in my book!

I did confer notes with a translator friend to be on the safe side but he could not find anything either and he thought they were splitting hairs indeed.

When it first happened I said that I would stop taking Fiverr jobs altogether but now, a few hours later, I just hope the mutual cancellation will go as planned and that will be the end of it. Most of my customers are happy and nice to work with and I do not want one bad experience get the better of me!

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