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Create Goals and Beat Them


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When I’m really busy, I have to set little goals for myself. Today, I set two very big ones - and I managed to achieve them both. There were times I didn’t think it was going to happen, but I came out on top.

I have an e-book project that I needed to contend with today as well as a project due on Wednesday. I started with the e-book first - knowing it was the largest of my group. I had said by noontime, I would quit working on it so I could take my son bowling for our last Kids Bowl Free event. By 11:50, I had a mere 400 words left, so I just went ahead and finished it. I was done by 12:10 (had about 5 minutes’ worth of interruptions.)

Go bowling, come home and cook supper. Back to work I go. I’ve got 2800 words to address.

I decide to do HALF of this article due on Wednesday - half today, half tomorrow before work with another goal that if I finished the half, I’d find myself in the gym tomorrow afternoon after my school job. Guess who is going to the gym… oh, and who didn’t finish half but ALL of the article that’s due on Wednesday?

This woman right here!

Here’s the thing… if you have a lot on your plate - set little goals for yourself and try to beat them. I was able to write 2 chapters in 1.5 hours and a chapter each hour after that. How I managed to get 13,000 words today done is beyond even my comprehension. The reality is that I did.

Tomorrow morning, I’ll edit the article due on Wednesday and start working on a project due the 7th. .

I am one tired lady!

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Every problem/task is always easier if you split it into several smaller pieces. I follow a work queue pipeline methodology to achieve the best results and work efficiency, and essentially, is a work-splitting system, like what you have done today. Remember to take proper rest and nurture your health of course!

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