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I Feel Much Relieved But Not About What You Think


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Some are feeling on top of the world for earning level one, two or even the almighty top rated seller rank. My own situation is completely different. I am feeling much relieved and happy for losing my level one and two ranks. That’s odd, right? IKR, it is. But that’s how i feel now. Let me tell you why in few line…

  1. After struggling hard for seven months to keep up with the “amazingly terrible” rules, it doesn’t in any ways increase my sales. The sales i got during this period have been coming mostly from the returning buyers who really don’t care about my level or ratings anymore.

  2. As much as i tried hard to meet up with the rules, some terrible circumstances won’t seize to happen. In fact, it becomes more rampant than before. You’ve got to reply all messages by force. You must complete orders even if the buyer insists he ordered by mistake. Where is the freedom? Na so life hard reach?

  3. You got warnings for declined gig requests and before you know they have removed your level. For what? Na so dem dey do for buyers account?

This is just too much to handle, ABEG! With the levels active on your profile, your heart will start beating faster each time you receive a modification request.

January through August, scores of rants, suggestions and complaints, yet no amendment or consideration. Whoever they recently brought to the team that is bringing this updates is completely against human freedom.

Level or no level, na buyers still dey rush us.

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