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Please Help Trolling buyer


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There is a buyer who keeps ordering and abusing my service, at first i worked on his projects even if he post it in a different gig, really vague instruction and hard to talk too i finished them.

Then i told him please stop ordering since im busy and you wont listen to what im asking, its really hard for me to finish our job i ended up raising my 5$ charge so he stops ordering.

what he will do is find a 1 of my gig with 5$ charge and order there. i tried to finish that order and he stops ordering for atleast a month. i got discourage working on fiver so i didnt fixed my account and just worked on previous buyers

the other day he ordered on a gig that i charge 5$ for a gig not related to what he wants then when i told him please order on the right gig and i cant do some of the instruction he ordered another 2 with just pictures 1 with a girl and 1 with the girls *********** ********.

i already asked him before to message me first with the instruction before ordering so i can sent the right custom order and give the price depending on the job a lot of times but he wont listen.

can i blocked him? there are already 3 orders and im scared he will ruin my account .

please help

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I chuckled a little bit at this thread title but it is a very annoying and unfortunate situation. Contact CS and see what can be done. At this point, deliver according to the gig purchased, not whatever he’s asking for. If he objects he has no leg to stand on with CS. As long as you keep appeasing him, he’ll keep doing it.

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