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Here is a good gig for new sellers


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As @madmoo has stated, you aren’t offering anything for $5, which is against the rules here at Fiverr.

Also, even though you say you will give “honest rating” here, you state on your gig that you will give “a positive” rating on your buyer’s gig, which translates into “false” rating. Again, this is against the rules.

I don’t know how Fiverr will respond if you change it to “honest” rating on your gig (they probably don’t have a policy on that yet) but I reckon they wouldn’t take too kindly on that either.

I would definitely recommend taking that gig down before you get a warning (which will hinder you from advancing in levels and may even cause you a demotion) or suspend it and ask Customer Support their standpoint on this to make sure.

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