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Customer Care issues


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What is the customer care guys for anyways?? i did an order and followed each and every guideline, but the buyer made unreasonable requests which contradicted the order instructiosn. i took the matter to fiverr support, and they said that you have to sort it out with the customer. the result was the order got cancelled and i lost $70. i mean anyone can simply take work on fiverr, and not pay for it. what the hell is going on!

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Hello Sammywp, sorry this happened to you!

Customer support does not get involved in disagreements between the seller and buyer. As someone who is self employed it is up to us to learn how to communicate well with buyers and sort things out.

It isn’t easy but it is absolutely a crucial skill for any seller on fiverr to learn and master. You must be professional and polite at all times. However you also must know how to politely stand up to any buyer who is trying to take advantage of you.

As a businessperson, the sooner you master this vital skill of customer relations the better off you will be. You can offer an extra or apologize or offer a small discount on another order. You must also be very discerning whenever you get the rare buyer who is simply trying to get you to give something free of charge.

Stay calm and cool and polite.

In your case you could have said something like:

This gig has specific things it offers. I always deliver exactly what the gig says in the description. It is up to each seller to only deliver that which the client ordered. So be aware that what you are requesting is not within the scope of this gig. I will deliver what was described.

I do not recommend canceling any order simply because the buyer thought he would demand extra work not included. You can say no, you won’t cancel the order.

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Guest blackfoxcoder

This is a true concern, and Fiverr like I have said in previous post doesn’t necessarily smile on sellers. However, if you let that bother you, then you’d just end up hating being a seller and staying away from the market.

  1. Fiverr is trying to save face before the buyers, since there’s competition between sellers.
  2. Buyers will spend more money if the can be sure of Fiverr.
  3. Fiverr also loses money on every cancelled order.

This means, Fiverr isn’t exactly happy about cancelled orders but prices customer satisfaction too high and it usually is at the detriment of sellers (especially those who use money in doing their jobs).

Try to familiarize yourself with the kind of buyers who truly pay in the market and don’t just accept jobs without thinking about if they should be accepted at all. There’s something else, cancelled orders and bad reviews are now things you don’t want to have on Fiverr as a seller because they count greatly these days considering the review system.

In simple terms, sorry, be careful with the orders you receive and work on next time.


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