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I was very upset about my income source but now I am a level 2 seller on fiverr and going forward


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This story is about 4 months ago.I was joined on fiverr since one year ago but I didn’t expect that I will be a level 2 seller on fiverr. I didn’t think someday I can earned money from here. One day my friend told me that he got a payoneer card from fiverr and he can withdraw all of his money from his fiverr account. I have tried many places to income more money for my need. Also I have applied a job on local shopping mall for a salesman but after 2 days I’ve realize this job is not for me after all I am a student and I never worked this type of job. Then I think my friends are earning more amounts of money from fiverr at home not doing any other local jobs. After this I decided I can also earned money on fiverr cause I have a talent which is drawing yes, drawing in my favorite hobby and I can do it very nicely. I’ve also tried to other selling websites but there is no response for me. Some lucky peoples can earn from there not me. But when I’ve created a GIG on fiverr it was awesome after few days someone ordered me to make a cartoon…I was very scared I think I can’t do it but when I delivered the order the buyer gave me a positive review and I’ve started my selling regularly…After 4 months now I am a level 2 seller and my income is monthly bigger then my need…Now I am very happy to working on fiverr and also proud of me…Fiverr is the best selling website from the others this is true…

Thanks to all,


Allah really loves us…


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