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Clients not able to message me, invisible orders, delayed messages


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  1. I am getting a message from a new client. His name popped up in my messages without any messages between us so I assumed he placed an order that I can’t see. I asked him via messages and he says he did place the order. On my order page, there is no new order to see.

  2. I just had another user tell me that he is still getting the message "this seller cannot be contacted at this time. " multiple buyers have told me this in the last month.

It’s getting really frustrating.

I deactivated my account about a year ago and reactivated it a few months back because i wanted to use it again. Ever since then, it seems something on my account is causing it to glitch and still show some people that it’s “deactivated”

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It is marked as spam automatically because those buyers send same message to a lot of sellers. I believe they are looking for lowest bidder. So just unspam it, use a quick response “Sorry, I’m not interested” and spam it again.

If not maybe fiverr deactivate the buyer profile maybe because of recognise as Spam or buyer block sellers profile from their side. That why we cannot reply them back and showing as “this seller cannot be contacted at this time”

Hope this one will help you to get some basic idea. 😊
Cheers 🥂

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