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Where am I going wrong?


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Hey Fiverr!

I’m new to Fiverr and am currently looking forward to landing my first job here as a Logo designer. I’m a self-taught designer and never really had anyone to guide me so I came all the way here pretty much on my own, but now I feel like I really could use some help from the experienced folk.

I’ve been reading up on the internet and on the forums about the mistakes people make in their gigs and what can they do to avoid them and what makes a Gig stand out.

Now, I’ve done some effort to avoid as many mistakes as possible, yet still I haven’t been able to land my first order. I know it takes months for some people to accomplish that and hours for others. I want to be the latter.

So here is a link to my gig, it will be really helpful if someone checks it out and point out where have I gone wrong, I believe I might have made a few with my choice of pictures to upload. Anyhow here it is:


The Fiverr community is really awesome as it’s responses are very practical and helpful for everyone and encourages beginners to work harder.


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