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My #2 Tip To You For Success On Fiverr


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Hello there! My name is Max “MaxTheMarketer” Karlstedt, I am native Swede and I have been a seller on Fiverr now for about 2 years.

I would like to share my second best tip (or maybe it is the best tip? A matter of opinion!) to you so you can increase your likelihood of doing big on Fiverr.

Tip #2: Sell What People Need Or Want

When I first joined Fiverr two years ago I remember talking to my dad about this and he told me, “The best salesperson can sell sand in the Sahara desert” and I thought to myself, “Hm, maybe that is the case?”.

However, as time passed by on Fiverr and I learned through good ol’ trial and error, I realized that my dad had been DEAD-WRONG all the time.

His premise behind his statement was that, “You can ONLY succeed if you TRICK people into buying something they don’t really need or want” and that is really like running against a storm, isn’t it?

And, if you make people buy something they don’t really need or want, you will either end up with a bad reputation, in jail or both, and to be frankly honest, you really deserve it then.


So, what SHOULD you really sell instead?

What I learned the hard way (by never getting any orders in the beginning) is that you cannot just sell what you THINK people need or want. You must test, try, research and discover what people REALLY need or want.

My own experiences has made me being able to create two broad categories of what people are ACTUALLY looking for here at Fiverr:

  1. Useful Gigs

  2. Entertaining Gigs

    The first one “useful gigs” is what I would consider to be what people usually “need”. These people are mostly business-minded people who are looking to build and/or improve their own online business and therefore, most of the gigs they order are business-related such as: banners, logos, web-design (wordpress, php, css, html), product-design (ebook cover, ebook formatting, voice over), SEO (backlinks, keyword research), copywriting (salesletters, landing pages), and content creation (articles).

    If you know (remember to ALWAYS be honest with yourself and your consumers) that you got the goods to deliver high quality value of something from the above, don’t hesitate, immediately create a gig and maybe let a friend to purchase from you so you get a start to make people realize you are for real and down-to-earth.

    Also show off your skills you truly have with three images you are allowed to upload for your gig, or if you are brave enough; upload a video with proof. I can admit, honestly, that I am a little too insecure still to upload a video to talk about my gig; I am worried how my poor British-like accent will sound like since I’m a Swede speaking English with funny accent! 😉

    The second one “entertaining gigs” are these bizarre, crazy and funny gigs where people will rant in HD-quality, dress up crazy, do crazy stunts with your message and so forth. To be completely honest, I do not believe someone doing a crazy thing with your message is so useful, more than eye-catching and “hard to forget”-advertisement for the buyer’s business. Most of these buyers are usually regular, not business-minded, people who are just bored out of their mind so they purchase entertainment for the fun of it.

    So, if you LOVE to be in the spotlight, make fun of yourself (for some bucks and just for the fun of it), don’t hesitate, just create a gig where you do something crazy (legal and within Fiverr’s terms of service, of course) and record it in nice video quality.

    My most successful gig here on Fiverr is the one where I format eBooks for people into PDF, Kindle or ePub, and It got popular by a mere accident because I had no clue that people really was looking to improve their eBooks in terms of professional quality.

    I had just found a few eBook templates on my computer that I use to write eBooks and then I thought to myself, “Why not? I just throw it up there and see what happens!” and within weeks I started to get a quite few consumers and they all LOVED it since I had the right attitude: ALWAYS DELIVER HIGH QUALITY VALUE AND BE HONEST TO TELL THEM WHEN YOU CANNOT AND REQUEST MUTUAL CANCELLATIONS THEN.

    No one’s perfect, everyone’s human, including you and me, so NEVER try to create a gig where you know you cannot deliver; you will just make yourself and your consumers disappointed.

    That all said, we can see now how my dad was dead-wrong but he taught us an important lesson which is: YOUR MINDSET TOWARD WHAT YOU ARE SELLING IS IMPORTANT!

    If you have the mindset that “I just want to sell to make fast cash” you should think twice. Having the mindset of “I want to make money by ONLY providing HIGH QUALITY VALUE to my consumers” then you are thinking right by thinking twice! 😉

    Thank you very much for reading and always remember:




    Take Care & Have An Awesome Day! / Max “MaxTheMarketer” Karlstedt.

    P.S. That’s right, what is your “second” best tip to succeed on Fiverr? I know, unusual question! xD
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Reply to @madmoo: Hello there again! I have been rethinking about my way of categorizing gigs and I have realized, thanks to your input, that one category of gigs are ‘useful’ for business (this includes your kind of gig) and another category of gigs are ‘useful’ for personal use such as happy birthday gigs or new years eve gigs a few days ago.

So, in a sense, all gigs here (hopefully) are useful in their own way and two broad categories that I see them are:

  1. ‘useful’ business gigs (that are meant to directly or indirectly increase profits)

  2. ‘useful’ personal gigs (that do not directly or indirectly increase profits but provide personal meaning, entertainment, symbolism or other meaningful aspect of the buyer’s life)

    That is how I will categorize gigs from now on! ^^,

    Take Care & Have An Awesome Day! / Max “MaxTheMarketer” K.
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Hey Max!

I feel like my gigs are useful, but are lacking in presentation. Any immediate tips for improving the first impression when people land on my gig page?

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