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Mistakes to Avoid After Getting on Level 1


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Hi there, I have reached on Level 1. All thanks to Allah Almighty…

My aim is to be the top rated seller within 1-2 years. So it is my request to tell me a few mistakes that I should avoid being the top-rated seller on fiverr.com.

What mistakes should I avoid to get banned on Fiverr and derank to new seller rank…

All the help will be highly appreciated.

Thank You

Kind Regards,

Sardar Muneeb Dogar

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In order to save yourself from losing your rank I suggest you to take only those orders you have 100% assurance of completing it. By this you will keep your order completion and ratings constant.

Also try to keep extra time if buyer is okay with it when taking the order and keep yourself online when you think you get most messages so you can reply quick to customer.

Moreover always follow Fiverr TOS and surely you will acheive the TRS rank soon.

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