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Strange Experience


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Wow! You have to watch out for those ones! Years ago, when I first came on here - a few regulars contacted me after receiving messages from a competing NEW 🤡 seller - who was “bad mouthing” me and proceeded to tell them I was a fake, my work was fake blah blah blah… This seller didn’t know anything about me, but was obviously very desperate.

Apparently he’d gone down my list of buyers claiming the same garbage.

Thankfully they were loyal to me, and let me know!

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Report messages as spam and then report your seller (with screenshots) to CS. When you do, drop in words like, fear, alarm, malicious communication, bullying, and humiliation into your complaint.

Make sure Fiverr knows how shocked and upset you are that this has happened. You will probably get a reply saying that they can’t tell you what will be done with the seller. However, they will at least be put on Fiverr’s permaban radar.

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Wow…some people are just…
well, I don’t know.

This morning I got the good-old one word
“Hello” message.

I reply saying that I’d like the person to send a message in a sentence instead of just one word stating what he/she would like to know, since the inbox is not a chat room.

His reply:

…what did I just say about the one-word thingy? Never mind…
I could have just stopped here but I asked if he has any questions about my gigs
for the heck of it.
He says he needs to talk to me on s***e.
I tell him that we cannot do that, and he can just type whatever message to me
in the inbox.

His reply: I cannot type it here.

*hits report button *

…maybe I should have had more fun with him and ask what the heck is it that
he needs to talk about that cannot be discussed in the inbox.

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