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Fiverr as a full time job, is it possible?


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Hello all, I just did an interview for FiverrSuccess dot com with top rated seller named Jimmy Gibbs, who has Fiverr as a full time job. Yes, it is possible! Read and be inspired!

So what exactly are you selling Jimmy?

I’m selling banner, header and business card design.

How long have you been on Fiverr? And how long did it take before you make first dollars?

I have been a seller on Fiverr for 5 months, it took me I think a week or so before I made my first dollars.

How did you manage to achieve top rated seller?

I became a Top Rated Seller by offering good products and very good customer service.

How do you get traffic? Do you use any paid advertising?

No I didn’t do any time of advertising. I joined Fiverr out of curiosity, I didn’t expect anything but a couple of dollars a week back then. I would advise new sellers to advertising their gigs as much as they can though.

How did your gig rank high in the Fiverr search?

By maintaining a positive feedback.

How much did you earn?

I earn enough so fiverr is now my full time job.

Do you have 100% feedback? How to achieve it?

Yes I have 100% positive feedback. I achieve this by always assist customers with any problem they have, provide revisions and changes and being friendly.

Are you using a secret word or another trick in the title or description of GIG?

I wouldn’t say that I use a secret word although I do mention on my title that this is an express gig with a 24 hour delivery, I think this helps a lot.

Did you read some e-book on how to sell on Fiverr? Or did you go through a course?

No I didn’t. I would advise beginners to do though, it will save you the trouble of having to learn everything by yourself.

Quality of work is one of the most important factors for success, right? Some other important factors?

Quality of work is indeed the most important factor for success on fiverr but not the only one. I would have to say the second most important factor is customer service. Being friendly and helpful to your customers will help you build a relationship with them and they will keep coming back to you.

Do you give vourself some goals?

My only goal on fiverr is to maintain a 100% positive feedback and keep providing quality services to the community.

Do you use gig extras?

Yes I do.

What would you advise to beginners?

I would give the following advise to new fiverr sellers:

  1. Sell what you are good at.

  2. Sell what people need and searching for.

  3. Always be friendly, even with the most difficult customers.

  4. Advertise your new gigs.

  5. Don’t get dissapointed, always try new things but give some time to your gigs to grow.

    More interviews can be found on FiverrSuccess dot com.
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