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You need to modify the response rate algorithm


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Long story short: Fiverr had the rating system and didn’t implement it like in a year (or perhaps they did but the response rate algorithm was different)

Then, all of a sudden the response algorithm changed, I hadn’t answer about 10 messages from hobos asking for work “sir, could you please give me work”, I was receiving so many that I just stopped answering them. Perhaps I didn’t for 1 month until I started seeing how this was affecting my response rate.

Then I was demoted from TRS to level 2 and now to level 1 in about 31 days because they take an average from 2 months. Even though on this last month I have answered all the messages fast and have no cancellations.

I don’t know how the algorithm works but it seems for each of these spammers I didn’t answer to in 30 days I need to get 30 messages from new clients to get the percentage even, so I just keep falling and falling.

I have been working on the site for more than 6 years, I was here since the beginning, I have earned about 100,000 USD, have about 8000 completed orders, 3500 reviews, etc.

Then, right now as a TRS for Spanish translators you have 1 person who specializes in lyrics, and another one who has like 30 reviews, none of them have credentials, I’m perhaps the only one or one of the few translators on the site that is certified. I’m a professional not an amateur.

Does this sound logical to you?

I know you want to control quality and give the chance to new sellers, but you’re only reducing quality by allowing amateurs to rise to the top and people like me to sink if you have to constantly focus on answering messages all the time.

Like I said, there’s something wrong with that algorithm, I need to answer like 30 messages from new clients for the percentage not to drop, and each time I drop a level I get 30% less clients.

And I just have the feeling that once I get to level 2 and reach the requirements for TRS you will not promote me even though I have more than 6 years on the site, have made 100,000 USD and am certified by the Southern California School of Interpretation.

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