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What are affects of cancelling an order?


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Canceling an order will reduce your order completion rate. A reduced order completion rate can have an impact on your gig listing on the Fiverr website and also affect your chances of becoming a level 1 seller.

There are several requirements for a seller to be eligible for promotion to level 1 (for more info on that, you can check this link ) and the requirement in terms of order completion is that you at least have a 90% order completion rate over a period of 60 days prior to the re-evaluation day (which is around the 15th of every month).

If you usually get your orders far apart (with only a few orders in 2 months), an order cancellation might have a greater impact on your order completion percentage. You can track your order completion rate by going to your dashboard which is on the top right-hand side of your home page, to the right of ‘buying’.

It is really hard to suggest anything considering you haven’t really explained the reason(s) behind canceling the order.

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