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Fiverr pro effects to other buyers?


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Guest offlinehelpers

Is fiverr pro effects to normal sellers in fiverr ? need some advices from you guys, I heard lot of people saying that

Is fiverr pro effects to normal sellers in fiverr ?

We can all come up with excuses - sorry reasons for poor sales - the weather, the World Cup, holidays etc. etc.

Problem is that when you’re relying on Fiverr to get you clients, there are too many variables outwith your control, so it’s easy to blame a lack of sales on any new feature Fiverr’s brought in, Pro sellers being just one of them.

If you’re relying on Fiverr bringing you clients without finding them elsewhere and bringing them to you, then you’re always going to be at risk of reduced sales, whatever the perceived reason.

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I think Fiverr Pro is just one of the factors/variables affecting normal sellers (eg. like @offlinehelpers said).

Some other factors are:

  • the changes to Buyer Requests (especially for unleveled sellers)
  • The bug in Fiverr search that prevents the category you want from being selected initially
  • The bug in Fiverr search that excludes sellers who are online when you filter gigs by those who are “online”.
  • The issue with some gigs not showing in search at all even if you search for them with words from their title or words from their tags.

So eg. if a gig doesn’t even show up in the search it’s going to greatly affect it’s orders. It may only be through buyer requests that orders could be received for it. But since Fiverr now rarely shows buyer requests for unleveled sellers, that will greatly reduce their chance of orders too.

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