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When you have a high-selling gig and people copy it


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Hey Fiverrs, the guy that he was talking about is actually me, but i did not out of the blue say that i’ll put the gig out there for free and i wasn’t even trying to threaten him.

He contacted me and said that I have a similar video and i copied him, asking me to remove it.

I looked at his video and it’s nowhere near the same, was a big shock that he would say i have copied him while i thought of the idea myself, i watched some video intros out there, and i thought the concept is good but instead of having to make a long intro, i’ll just cut through to logo reveal which was what i did and what i offered here.

It turns out that he copied some of the videos, same source that i saw on videohive and added some effects and revealed the logo, kind of cut to the chase which was what i thought of… the concept might be here somewhat similar, but the videos are nowhere near the same, and i didn’t ask him to remove his, let people choose which one they like the best.

that’s the stroy in a nutshell, I probably lost my temper when he started threatening me also saying that my work is not as good as his (in which case, good for, you let people buy your gig) plus he sent over people contacting me and swearing at me so i might have said somethings that i shouldn’t have said, but the bottom line, i did the work from A to Z, I slept 4am doing it, and I don’t have any willing to remove it just because it’s remotely similar to your gig, have some sense please

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OP, different people have the same ideas. If ‘copying someone’s idea’ wasn’t allowed, then there would only be about 40 gigs on Fiverr because anyone who ‘copies’ would be taken down. There are loads of drawing gigs offering the same thing, loads of SEO gigs offering the same thing, loads of article-writing gigs offering the same thing. The point is to stand out from the crowd, not to throw a fit and get them taken down.

While it can be annoying to see other people offering the same services but receiving more jobs (especially when their work is to a lower standard), you can’t complain. You can only complain if they have directly copy-pasted everything on your gig, including your product, and claimed it as their own. This isn’t pre-school. “Miss, I made a video but another boy made a different video” isn’t grounds for sanction in the real world. Nike don’t sue Adidas for making shoes, claiming they thought of the concept first, because neither of them did. You didn’t come up with video intros first, and therefore can’t claim any kind of patent.

My best advice would be to get over it. This happens in real life. This is called competition. Don’t cry to CS every time you see someone with a vaguely similar gig to you. My 12 year old brother made his first video intro the other week with Sony Vegas - it’s not an expert field, and you’re not one in a billion. Let other sellers sell. Unless someone has copy-pasted everything on your gig, you have nothing to moan about.

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Dear OP,

Unless it is a word-for-word rip off, then there is nothing that can be done. You were NOT the first to offer video intros and you won’t be the last. For example, many people offer bi-lingual voice-overs. I hope you are not suggesting that only the first person to offer it should be allowed to do so.

This is not a monopoly. We all have varying “editions” of each other’s gigs. The buyers get to decide which they want to purchase.

So, in a nutshell, you should back off of this one. You can’t/won’t/shouldn’t win.

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