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To FIVERR: Allow More Use Of Same Keywords Please! ^^,

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Hello there again The Fiverr Team! I hope you are doing just fine.

I remember “back in the days” when we sellers could use same keywords more times in the tags for our gigs we were creating.

Nowadays, you can only use it once or how much it is. This makes it harder for sellers to target correct buyers.

For example, I have eBook-gig and I need to express the eBook keyword in different ways but I am only allowed to use it once in tags and I have to use synonyms which is not good at all since people will use eBook combined with another word (which are the ones I am trying to targeting using eBook repetitively).

I understand that keyword spamming is NOT OK at all and that Google themselves pays less attention to keywords from a SEO-standpoint since people can just spam keywords to out-compete their competitors.

However, since you only allow 10 Keywords (tags) and people will still (most of the times) order from the most popular seller or the one with most positive ratings, it is still that that will determine who will be the one with most sales as a seller.

Since we cannot make research on what exact keywords people are searching through, I highly recommend that you implement the function of being able to use the same keyword at least 3 times when writing them in the tags.

This way more sellers would be able to target the correct buyers since buyers usually use two or three keywords when searching for relevant gigs.

You would help more buyers to find right sellers instead of only finding a few who just happened to combine the two correct words. Please give us back more use of same keywords, please dear The Fiverr Team! ^^,

Take Care & Have An Awesome Day, The Fiverr Team! / Max “MaxTheMarketer” Karlstedt.

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