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Guest tn5rr2012

I signed up with FIVERR about a year ago. I think I heard about it on a news site or read it about it on the internet. Anyhow I said what the heck, I was not out any money and I didn’t have to give out my personal info. Anyhow I originally created 3 gigs, if my memory serves me correctly 2 of them were for my famous receipes and the other one was to help people start their family tree. Well after I had played around for awhile I moved onto some other “project” and completely forgot about FIVERR. About two weeks later I got a spam email from something called fiverr, I almost deleted the email! Anyway I went back to the page and sure enough someone had ordered my family tree gig. So I completed that order and the client was very happy. I started to research this FIVERR site more in depth, getting tips on how to market my gig and how to create a video. As I started paying more attention and marketing it the orders started coming in and I was flippin excited!

Now mind you, due to the nature of my gig it is NOT going to generate tens of thousands of dollars or goobles amount of orders. They roll in pretty steady and keep me busy. I had to work out some glitches in the beginning and finally extended my delivery to 10 days.

My gig gives me great satisifatction and joy. I have been able to help people prove their Jewish and Native Maerican lineage so they can join different origantiazations. I have found documents, military data and photos of my clients ancestors, which they just go GAGA over. I give them something back that will last for future generations.

So that is my story in a nutshell

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