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Do we sellers have any rights on fiverr? Sellers please pay attention


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my first question is, do we sellers have any rights on fiverr ?

A buyer placed a order on my caricature gig.

She wanted me to draw 2 caricatures.

I said ok, no problem, I will do that.

She then purchased one unit extra gig of copyrights.

And also one unit of extra for background.

So, by rules, those extras just apply to only one caricature(as she ordered just one unit of each extras).

But I didn’t want to leave my customer unhappy that’s why I made those two caricatures with backgrounds and copyrights to her.

After that, She asked me to make a video with music of her choice and use those caricatures in that video.

Though, she didn’t order any extra for that video and music of her choice but I again did it so that my customer will be happy after seeing my efforts.

After that, I delivered the video.

She rejected and asked for modification.

I modified it according to her wish( which was very confusing in terms of texts). I was not able to understand what she wanted to say. I redelivered it and she again rejected it again and asked for modification.

This time, her directions were very clear to me.

I again modified it exactly according to her demand and delivered it again.

And now when she got her perfect video, which she wanted to play in her bakery, she asked me to do a refund.

I devoted almost my 12 hours to complete that work exactly according to her directions.

The whole work was worth $50 but I did in just $25 so that she stays happy.

I did 3 revisions, that too for free.

And when she got what she wanted, she is asking for a refund.

What should be done in such a case When a buyer places the order, gets his work done by seller, and then he/she acts like she is not satisfied and asks for a refund.

Please tell me what should be done in such cases.


Kind regards


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Here’s a huge block of advice for you that is incredibly important for every seller out there: STICK BY YOUR OWN RULES!

In comparison to buyers, there’s much less protection in the way of sellers on Fiverr (though there is still protection, obviously). Many buyers use their advantage over us fairly and treat us well - we trade service for money and all participants are happy. HOWEVER, if a certain type of buyer orders from you and takes things without paying the full amount (and you let it slide and do nothing about it because you want them to be happy), they can and WILL take advantage of you, because to them, you are nothing but a doormat that spits out presents. A buyer will only take advantage of you if you let them.

Look, I won’t sugarcoat it; in terms of this order, you appear to be pretty far gone. I don’t see a way that you can get your buyer to accept your conditions and I would consider it lost. The only people who /may/ be able to offer some help here now are Customer Support, and even then I don’t see much that they can do. Regardless, it’s best to put it behind you, chalk it up to experience and move on. In future, be firm. Don’t be cruel, but be firm and stand by yourself. If they don’t pay for an extra, say “I’m sorry, but the [name of extra] can’t be completed until you pay the specified fee. Sorry about that!” - most buyers will either say ‘oh, sorry!’ and pay for it, or will go ‘nah’ and you just do what they paid for. If you over-deliver to the point of giving things away for free, then you’ve gone too far. We’ve all made this mistake.

Sorry to hear about your problems D:


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Reply to @boslass:

Hi Kirsty 🙂

thanks for such a wonderful advice.

You know what, If we say sorry I can not do this , they say ok do me a refund or I will leave a negative feedback or they ask for cancellation( that also increases our cancellation ratio and create a bad effect on our buyers).


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Got a similar problem. Some lady had ask for a poster and had send me all the needed pictures. She didnt book a gig (and i think $5 is pretty fair) but I made her a mockup with a watermark. She pretended she could not see anything with watermark (which wasnt true) and I remembered her that she needs to book a gig first and then I upload without watermark. Anyhow she didnt and never heard from her again until today. Had reminded her of that job. She just answered she did it somewhere else and when I said I was disappointed that I havent heard back from her (even with writing several mails) she said its normal to send mockups for free, others do that too and she doesnt think she was impolite and using me… In the end I think she was greedy, impolite and tried to steal my poster without paying… lucky I had done a watermark and didnt send anything else… I am just upset about the wasted time…

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Sad! But this is how fiverr Support Team works, I got suggestion to issue refund even their are clear evidence that buyre is cheating. Worst part is, we don’t get any reward for time devoted on such orders.

In my case(not only), a buyer was asking work worth 2 gigs and threatening me to leave a negative review unless I comply or issue a refund even I delivered his order, my gig description is clearly says that I charge more, I contacted fiverr team and they suggested me to keep that buyer happy by issuing a refund or fulfill his demands.

Yes majority buyers are honest, but week after week these type of buyers are growing.

Fiverr also don’t give any idea about these type of buyer like when they created their account, number of reviews left by them(Particularly Negative ones), what are their order cancellation ratio etc.

Don’t know if I am dealing with the same buyer again who is using another account.

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I think WATERMARKING videos or graphics will be reasonable against such buyers.

Send them preview file and ask for if they are happy. If they say they are happy then send final file. I know its extra work, but it will save your work and time and make sure you will get paid.

If they ask refund after saying they were happy then fiverr customer support will surely help SELLER.

I have confirmed with Fiverr Customer Support about watermarking my Business Cards before delivering final files and they said it is allowed.

So SELLERS, protect yourself and deliver watermark files before buyers agrees that he IS HAPPY. It works for me and now i do not have any REFUND ISSUES.

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