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To FIVERR: Here's How To Improve the "Instructions"-Box

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Hello there The Fivver Team!

I hope you are doing just great and I want to personally thank you for this excellent innovation of being the medium of sellers and buyers where products and services only cost $5. It’s just genius in many ways.

One way I would highly recommend you implement to improve not only sellers’ efficiency but also buyers overall experience of using Fiverr would be to implement two things regarding the “Instructions”-box when creating new gigs.

  1. Have a radio box you can cross if you NEED buyers to include at least one attached file when replying to the instructions.

    In many of gigs I NEED people to attach a certain file so I can deliver that one back, improved, but some buyers forget and this leads me not being able to deliver to them and it also delays for buyers who have to wait longer just because they were not informed that, “Hey, this gig requires a file to be attached, are you sure you want to still reply to these instructions without a file?”.

    This inevitably leads to my second implementation of improving the experience for buyers and the efficiency for sellers.

  2. Have a popup-message when buyers have not attached a file required for the gig. This will remind people in a hurry and make the overall experience better for both sellers and buyers. If this is implemented more buyers will remember to attach required files and more sellers will thereby be more able to deliver gigs quicker.

    This makes BOTH sellers and buyers happier in the end, dear Fiver Team! ^^,

    I think many other sellers will agree with me on this suggestion for the Instructions-box when creating new gigs as we all have had buyers forgetting attach required files. I have had one negative feedback because of this where I did not receive a file and then let the order be on and then the buyer cancelled because she had not received a file from me which could not be done because I received no file to work with in the first place.

    So, this is just one of many things that would be avoided if we implemented a radio box “Gig Requires Buyer To Attach File?” beside the Instructions-box when creating new gigs, so buyer are reminded to attach files if they are in a hurry and forget that.

    Everyone will save time and possibly money on this!

    Take Care & Have An Awesome Day, The Fiverr Team! / Max “MaxTheMarketer” Karlstedt.
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