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Sudden Increase in Buyer Requests?


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I haven’t checked the Buyer Requests section for at least a week until very recently since I was prioritizing an existing order I received. The past few days, I haven’t seen much requests, though admittedly I hadn’t been checking as much within the day as I used to when I was newer.

Just now, though, I happened to chance upon the exact moment Fiverr released the Buyer Requests, and to my surprise, there were 84??? I couldn’t believe it at first, thinking that perhaps the number count experienced a bug of some sort, but there really were lots of Buyer Requests. Back then, I could only see less than ten at a time, and they would disappear after a minute or two. But today, it took a while for it to disappear.

What’s happening?

EDIT: Oh wait, it hasn’t disappeared yet apparently?

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