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Hacker taking over account


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so I had money stored on my fiverr account about $120, last night my notifications keep popping, then I viewed my conversations, then I saw that someone was using my account, he contacted a seller that does cryptomining and asking an offer of $120, the hacker is trying to spend my money on something! so I transferred my money to my paypal, when I transferred he immediately deleted my convo! thought that I wouldn’t notice, I was reading the convo when he deleted it, then when I went offline to go to sleep and woke up, he’s doing it again! contacting sellers to spend money but luckily my money is transferred and some are still pending, fiverr customer support is too slow to reply, this is an attack and security breach, please do watch your back guys,

I can’t change my password because I forgot my mobile number that I used to make this account about a year ago, STILL I’M TRYING TO FIGURE THIS OUT

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