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New to Fiverr from New York

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Just wanted to introduce myself. I am Justin, a web hosting and Wordpress expert from New York. I’m a new seller here and looking forward to meeting many potential customers and other sellers.

Does anybody have any tips or recommendations for first time sellers?

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I think you may do well with buyers requests to get a couple reviews going.

don’t be afraid to vastly undercharge\over-perform in the beginning to get the reviews needed to validate a fair price.

any way you can advertise niche aspects of your service can help you stand out in search.

Even bringing in some customers from outside of fiverr can help get you going. The reviews are what drive your search rankings.

spend a lot of time reading this forum for random fiverr knowledge aplenty

good luck

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Always remember a few things.
1- Keep working hard and be patient.
2- Deliver high-quality content (This is the key to success.)
3- Do the best communication. With communications skills, you can get more orders.
4- Keep making new gigs.

Best Regards.

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