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Riding the edge again


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I had an obligation this week that required some travel and a full 24 hours that I couldn’t really focus on work. Just to make things interesting, my computer chose this time to have a mechanical issue, requiring me to get my backup computer set up with a fresh operating system and swap all of my stuff over to it. All of that squeezed a bunch of life out of me, and put me into full alert realizing that I have two orders which had plenty of time left now coming close to deadline.

After spending half of my day (plus an all-nighter) getting the backup computer rolling, so I can send off my other computer for service, I somehow managed to come up with another 700 words on a topic that I was really struggling with for days. Now that I have direction, and only a little further to complete that gig, I can focus on getting the other order way closer to completion, and pronto.

I definitely perform better when the pressure is on. 😅

I’ve been working on this big project for weeks now, it’ll be great to put it behind me and get back to more manageable pieces.

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