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Seller didnt get bad review


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I ordered a gig from [name removed], the project was based on php integration and 14 day delivery time. Right from start the communication
from this seller was non existent, he kept reassuring that the project is on track and infact 40% complete at point. When I raised a dispute
on the 10th day as I was concerned with no demos for review… he came clean saying he could not arrange a developer at all!
All this time he was buying time and hoping for extension once he had found a developer… the fiverr system is also broken as no penalty is
given for this behavior. I got 95% refund and he got scot-free not even a bad review is possible!

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Looks like you tried your luck with a new seller, correct? Can you tell me how many reviews this seller had?

Hi @ssj1236

Please don’t take me wrong but you shouldn’t be this absolute, it’s not good.

Quality, responsability and many more, don’t depend on being new or senior. It depends on seller’s values, honesty, moral, ethics, expertice, etc.

I shouldn’t but I will put myself as an example.

I’m new and I’m high quality, skilled, trained and raised to give my best in every thing I do. My work speaks for me and my name is, and has always been, my most important business card in real life only I just hadn’t got enough time or chance at Fiverr to show this (just 3 sales and I thank my buyers for their trust).

Try looking back when you were new, you also needed someone to trust in you and give you the chance to shine. 😉

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