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@ceceliavo - The BEST thing to do is spend a little money and make yourself (can be your name) a LLC or S.CORP or something along those lines. As @beatcraigslist said, nothing under $600 matters (check your local state rules). I personally claim everything I make under “One Creative Geek”…but I also write off/against the business everything that I do. I work from a home office…so part of my home taxes, utilities, mortgage, etc are covered. I save receipts for everything because maybe it was a “business lunch” or you had to drive to meet with a client. Basically by saving everything, you can counter anything you claim as income as a business expense to create a loss for the company. Did you buy a new camera…business expense for you. When I did this, it took a few years before I was making enough to worry in my ventures…but its never a bad idea since everything can be used to help your takes at the end of the year.

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