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My account was disabled because my phone glitched


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I need so much help right now. I think my account has been totally terminated because my phone decided to double post a gig.


It did it on the same day at the same time and everything. The gig itself wasn’t even approved! They never even posted the gig they just straight up told me

“Hi seachantie,

Unfortunately, your Gig request “Looking for a young female voice…” did not pass our review due to one (or more) violations of our TOS, for example:

It contains payment information.
It contains contact information (e.g ■■■■■, email, phone no.), or your site/social media URL.
You submitted your request to multiple categories. You should select the most suitable category and subcategory, and then submit only one request.
It contains a request for services, which are not allowed on Fiverr (e.g. violation of third party Terms Of Service, Copyrighted materials, licensed software, etc.).”

But the request itself wasn’t breaking any rules!

I also have money on the account and they are only giving me 24 hours to get it out. I’ve tried calling their IG number but they don’t pick up and the customer service isn’t helping at all.

Is there anyway I can someone higher that I can actually talk to? Or am I just screwed?

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Were you trying to buy a gig or sell something? This looks very odd. It looks as though you were using Buyer Requests, which is for buyers. Posting a gig is something that sellers do since gigs represent services that sellers offer for sale. Posting a request to buy a gig is what you do in BR.

I’m not sure what you mean by an IG number, but Fiverr doesn’t have a phone number. You can submit a Customer Support ticket to ask for help. Since you said you have money on the account I’m really not sure if you are saying you had earnings or you had money that was refunded to you when buying gigs. If it was refund money, I’m sure they will find a way to send it back to you if you just create a ticket.

If you are actually a buyer, the account might be toast because of trying to submit to multiple categories, but it probably wouldn’t be a big deal. You could just ask Support to give you permission to create a new buyer account, ask them to refund your money to your payment source and move forward. If it was a seller account it could be much more compex.

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I was trying to post a request for sellers to respond to! But maybe I did accidentally post to the wrong area.

It was refunded gig money by the way!

And are you sure I could just ask them for permission for a new account? I think they are not too fond of me. They don’t want to hear out anything I have to say.

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